We specialize in Quinceanera events

A good event planner will stay on top of things for you so that you can relax and enjoy the anticipation of your long-awaited Quinceanera day.
DEW specializes in and has extensive experience in planning Quinceaneras. The extent of the work that DEW does for you will depend on the range of services that you and your family desire.
  1. The DEW professional event planner and the team will handle all the major technical details including scheduling your venue, arranging for vendors, and making sure every moment of your Quinceanera day is as perfect as humanly possible.
  2. While you’ll still make the final decisions on such things as your dress and color scheme, your Quinceanera theme and party favors, and general decisions on the music, DEW will ask questions about your overall preferences and help narrow down your choices based on your personal taste that will also help you stay within your budget.
  3. DEW uses its resources and extensive Vendor portfolio and offers our clients time-saving—and budget-friendly—event based on what worked well with our previous clients’ Quinceanera celebrations.
  4. DEW uses creative ideas in all our events that work nicely as per your wish list for your party.
  5. DEW uses their huge list of tried and tested Quinceanera parties Experienced vendors that will not only give you a better rate if you hire them but offer very skillful and Valuable services.
Please call us or text @ : 214-714-1962
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