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“ I have had the pleasure to eat with my family at Agua Azul in Grand Prairie and this was one of the best family restaurant environment I have been with my family. The food was delicious and we are going back.

Luciano P

“it was my first time there. It has a heavy Spanish feel. has a nice atmosphere. Friendly staff and neat. The food was very good and not too expensive. There is also live musicians. I enjoyed my meal very much.

Lee Reynolds

“ I’m always snooping around the area at lunchtime for authentic Mexican food. Especially seafood. The decor is not fancy but fish tacos are awesome. Get the house rice for an extra buck. With tip you can get out the door for around $8.aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. ”

Doug Robinson

“ just ate at this place for the first time earlier today and the second we walked in the bartender was sooo friendly, I always hate the awkwardness of walking into a restaurant for the first time and not knowing what to do, but not this place, he was very friendly and told us to take a seat wherever. After we sat, we had the best waitress ever, she was very informative and sweet. When I saw the prices, I was a little scared for a second, and then I thought, ‘hey, it’s seafood, of course it’s gonna be a little pricey.’ So after we ordered, it took about 15 to 20 minutes which is a good sign because you know your food was cooked fresh. And then, the food came and my jaw hit the freakin’ floor. My boyfriend got this huuuge plater of jambalaya, and I got this hot, thick fried catfish with a stack of fries. It was so soo delicious!! And completely worth it! I can not believe that some of you people on here think this place is pricey! Why don’t you go to joe’s crab shack and get charged double the amount you pay here for something cold, small, and crappy.”

Marissa Christine
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